Sunday, January 25, 2009

Looking for a Good Book? Trying to Keep Track of What You’ve Already Read? Let a Social Networking Site for Readers Help!

Wondering what your friends and colleagues are reading? Tired of trying to remember the title of that book your aunt recommended when she visited during the holidays? Let a social networking site for readers, like goodreads, Shelfari, BookRabbit, BiblioPhil, or LibraryThing help you find great books to read, keep in touch with reading pals, and more!

A reader's site will allow you to rate books, write reviews, and maintain a record of books you’ve already read, keep track of those books you want to read, exchange book suggestions with friends, join a virtual book discussion group (or form your own :-), answer challenging trivia questions, and more. You can even “place” books on virtual bookshelves organized by any subjects you wish to assign, from standards like “favorite recipes” and “whodunits”, to others more elaborate - “Grab a Kleenex before you read this one – you’ll need it!”.

Visit the sites below to learn more or to become a member. (Also, please visit my own goodreads bookshelf, where you will find books I have read and rated. This small and selected collection of titles is a work in progress, so feel free to visit from time to time!)

Check out these swell sites for bibliophiles:









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