Wednesday, February 25, 2009

District IMC Staff Meeting - February 25, 2009

During today's session, we'll:

* have an opportunity to address any questions about the Destiny system's catalog, circulation and/or back office modules that may have emerged since we last met. Please bring along any questions or problems you may have encountered in your use of any of the features of the Destiny system, so that we can share strategies, solutions, etc. Also, please feel free to bring along a few items you'd like to catalog - I've reserved the computer lab for our use during Wednesday's meeting;

* preview the District Library Resources web site, and discuss ways in which this fledgling resource can better meet the needs of IMC staff members trying to assist students and teachers with their information and recreational reading needs;

* review ways in which we can stay informed about reading programs, award-winning books for elementary, middle and high school readers, and recent newspaper and magazine articles about books, authors, school libraries, and other topics relating to literacy;

* further explore the many terrific NMRLS and NOBLE full-text magazine and journal collections, newspapers, encyclopedias, primary documents collections, and other research databases available to the Salem Public Schools research community;

* check out Twitter-com, one of the many social networking sites (others include del.ic.ious and goodreads) available to students and teachers today;

* share book fair experiences, challenges, and successes; and

* discuss any other issues of interest or concern.

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